Friday, September 16, 2011

New Foster Puppies

We've unexpectedly added 4 foster puppies to our home this week. The first is Scarlett, a red border collie who was found left next to a local impound. Next came Jagger and Jenna, two black lab mix puppies who were dumped next to a cornfield (we are pretty sure Jenna is blind - we will find out more after vet check today), and last but not least is Raina, a min pin who was found on a county road in the middle of nowhere. All 4 puppies are enjoying having playmates, eating well and coming out of their shells. Jagger is up for adoption on petfinder. Jenna and Raina need to be vet checked first, and Scarlett isn't quite old enough for adoption yet. I really have a hard time thinking of people who are capable of leaving a helpless puppy in the middle of nowhere, especially a blind puppy who never would have survived without her brother. Here are some pictures of the motley crew...

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